Apple or Samsung? Can anyone advise?

Apple has done it again. A product launch with the magnitude of iPhone 5s is a thing that in my opinion only the people at Apple is capable of doing. During the iPhone 5s launch, I happened to be at New York City and I can tell the frenzy surrounding the launch was simply crazy. I intentionally strolled through a number of the queues in an attempt to understand what the experience was really like.

What I saw and heard simply left me astonished. It was not just the Apple fans but business establishments were a part of it and they begin to see the event as an excellent marketing opportunity for them. People who were waiting in the queue found themselves in for a surprise and major fast food restaurants sent in their guys to deliver foods to the queue and it was for free. I noticed some people have been wearing uniforms from big fast-food establishments like Burger King. I also overheard discussion where they said that they’ve been queueing in lines for the past few days.

I used to enjoy my Blackberry but I don’t see any future in the device anymore. I’m confused which should I select. Can I select Samsung or Apple? Should I opt for iOS or Android? I’ve heard a fair share of stories from Blackberry users who decided to go for Android but I have also heard a fair share of great stories from those who made exactly the same switch. I’ve to confess that I love things that shine and the newest gold iPhone is unquestionably a large draw for me.

Anyone care to share with me what type should I opt for?





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